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Welcome to the new website!

Hello everyone!

You have probably noticed that we just got a new website! It is running off the same machine that our servers run off, which means that we will eventually start to save money in the long run by using this. We are also eventually switching off the forum software, so we will still have a forums but it will not be running the rest of the website, giving us more control over what we can use it for. The new website has stats, bans, a blog, a donate page, a voting page, and the old forums, so it will be better than ever!

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the website, but if not, feel free to give some feedback on our forums. Thanks!

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Our Server

Bobotropolis is a fast-growing server, utilizing Bukkit and custom plugins to create an experience unique to anything else. Plugins used on the servers vary across the gamemodes.

How to Play

Simply join us at, and select the server you want to play on! After that, don't hesitate to register on our forums!

Servers Our list of servers


A server dedicated to freebuild and creativity, this server has large plots and WorldEdit for the masses.


Themed in a medieval land of war, warring factions must kill eachother to survive - literally.


Playing against the environment, you can team up with others to conquer - and survive the wilderness.


Playing minigames has never been more fun. Customized games to play and more makes this a very fun server.

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